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DanBAN is Denmark's Business Angel network, that matches startups with investors. We have more than +350 active investors, that would love to get in touch with you.

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Free for startups

It is always completly free of charge for startups to be presented to investors and receive an investment. DanBAN is a non-profit organisation and we are funded by our members and partners.

Investors with capital

Our investors have a minimum of 3 mio. DKK in investable capital and their "ticket sizes" is typically higher than in other networks. Our members come with great industry-specific knowledge and networks.

1 mio. DKK per day

Our members have made hundreds of investments in startups. Annually, DKK 365 million is invested in Danish and foreign startups— that is, an average of DKK 1 million is per day!

Upcoming pitch events

We're looking for

  • Team

    What does the team look like in relation to composition, diversity, competencies and past experience? For investors, the people behind the team are always the most important thing!

  • Traction

    What have you achieved in terms of revenue, soft funding or pilot customers? Can you validate that others (than yourself) are interested in the product?

  • Scalability

    How scalable is the product? Can it be easily sold to a larger number of customers, or does it require manual sales processes and handling?

  • Market

    What are the solutions on the market in advance, and how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Is it a red or blue ocean market?

  • Terms

    Do your expectations for investment size and valuation fit DanBAN? And have you thoroughly considered what the investment should be used for?

Startup stories

LalaToysDinesan Rasiah
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"Our investors come with a set of competencies that really complement us well. Our goal is to go from our current ‘proof of concept’ phase with a few hundred members to a ‘proof of business’ phase which will ensure +1000 members. This is primarily what the investment goes on, which is a little over DKK 1 million. "
The Syrup Company
The Syrup CompanyRoberto Ferro
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"The whole process was both professional and well-planned. We were really grateful for the high quality of business angels that we were introduced to via DanBAN. During the pitch process, all the questions were both concrete and well-meaning, and the feedback useful. We are very satisfied with the process and the result."
FarmbrellaChristina Elgaard
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"It has been extremely instructive to gain access to the great competencies from DanBan. The close and intense collaboration around the investment round this autumn has helped to streamline the organisation for the further growth journey. We are convinced that Farmbrella's ambitious goals can be achieved, not least because we now have smart money from DanBan, and we are also very much looking forward to making use of the syndicate's competencies in the boardroom. "
OlioliNicolai Suwinai Nielsen
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"It has been super cool to get DanBAN investors on board. It has been a very easy and painless process."
SheerMads Ulrik Svendsen
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"Even though it is a short time since we landed the investment of DKK 1.65 million, we can already feel that we have a group of enormously competent investors on board, which we can frequently use as sparring partners. It is a great pleasure."
NABOFARMJens Juul Krogshede
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"In January, we set up at DanBAN and were introduced in DanBAN's newsletter. This resulted in us getting 21 interested investors within 24 hours. In February, we closed the investment round with two DanBAN syndicates, with 10 investors and 3 external investors."

Do you have any questions?

We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

DanBAN investors typically invest at an early stage in scalable startups with a good team and great potential. Our 300+ investors have different investment preferences; we recommend that startups have at least one working MVP before it makes sense to apply.

Investors typically make investments after the founders, friends and family have financed the start-up themselves, and before or at the same time as the first venture capital round.

No. DanBAN is a non-profit organisation and we do not charge percentages, administration fees or referral fees. DanBAN is financed by an annual membership fee from our members and partners.

DanBAN does not sign NDAs. It's important that you do not share deeply confidential information when uploading your material through our platform StartupIncluder. For example, technical details of your technology that are considered to be patentable should not be shared.

If your startup is selected to pitch to one of our pitch events, you will be prompted to send an updated pitch deck directly to one of our investor relations managers via email. This material will only be displayed on a screen for the pitch event itself, and thus, not shared electronically with the participants without your prior consent.

DanBAN organizes pitch events and mediates contact between startups and the investors who are interested in further dialogue with the respective startup. In addition, the secretariat of DanBAN is happy to help find a premis for the meeting between startups and investors. Once the contact has been made, DanBAN only contributes if the start-up or investors deem it necessary.

We do not recommend specific types of investments, and we do not run a fund for DanBAN investors. Members of DanBAN make their own investment decisions and invest their own individual capital directly in startups. It is also up to the companies and investors themselves to structure any advisory cooperation or board relationship that they may find appropriate.

15.15: Check-in
15.30: Host post & welcome (location changes from time to time).
15.50: 3 pitches + Q&A
16.30: Break and network
17.00: 3 pitches + Q&A
17.30: Light refreshments, wine and network.

Note: all other startups that need to pitch are also present during your presentation.

  1. Click on "apply for investment" and fill in the form. 
  2. If we are a “match”, you must subsequently submit pitch deck and other information.
  3. We will look at your application within 10 days.
  4. We select startups for an online meeting / dialogue.
  5. From here, we select startups for a physical pitch event in front of our investors.
  6. If there are interested investors, we will set up a two-hour meeting where you can get to know each other better.
  7. From here, it's up to you and the investors to agree on an investment.

We do not pass on contact information to our investor members. If you apply through Dealum, investors have the opportunity to contact you—if they are interested. If you are selected to pitch at our monthly pitch event, you will meet the investors present.

We do not pass on contact information to our investor members. If you apply through Dealum, investors have the opportunity to contact you—if they are interested. If you are selected to pitch at our monthly pitch event, you will meet the investors present.

The members of DanBAN carry out the entire due diligence process on a voluntary basis—occasionally with legal advice. A lead angel, who handles due diligence and a possible board position in the company, is usually selected. He / she reports back to the group (in case of syndication), i.e. there is only one investor or perhaps two who are in continuous dialogue with the company.

There’s 35–60 investors present at DanBAN pitch events, plus the 5–7 startups that will pitch on the day. DanBAN pitch event is only for members, selected startups and few invited guests.

Are we a match?

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