Manifesto for a gender-balanced ecosystem

Inspired by the EBAN manifesto on gender diversity, we have set the following goals for Danish Business Angels in 2030: 

  • 30% female business angels 
  • 30% female entrepreneurs
  • More women in boards of directors


Read EBAN's manifesto and be inspired. Sign to show your support and commitment to contribute to achieving these goals for the benefit of us all.

EBAN's manifesto for a gender-balanced ecosystem 

Successful and responsible angel investments have been at the core of EBAN's identity since 1999, a mission we strive to support through all our initiatives. Diversity is a core value in our association within the investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The latest European report shows that the percentage of women(1) in angel investments, despite ongoing efforts, has stagnated at 10% over the past 10 years.(2). Despite the proven higher success rate for startups led by women,(3) they still account for only 1% of the total invested capital.(4).

Supported by scientific research showing the benefits of a more gender-balanced society(5), and considering that gender equality is one of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals(6), EBAN is committed to tripling the representation of women in our ecosystem by urging business angels to act on the following three areas:

1) Increase the number of female angel investors by 3x

In collaboration with business angels throughout Europe, we will work to achieve an average of 30% female members by 2030. We will support, inspire, empower, and educate our members to be more inclusive. Additionally, we will collaborate with other ecosystem initiatives.

2) Increase the number of investments in female entrepreneurs.

We encourage individual angels and the entire investment community to support a more gender-balanced, resilient, and innovative portfolio by investing at least 30% of their capital in female entrepreneurs (7) by 2030. 

Investing more in female entrepreneurs also has the additional benefit of creating the foundation for the next generation of female business angels.

3) Increase the number of women in boards of directors.

EBAN has a long tradition of female leaders, and the number of women in boards of directors is above average. Our organization will continue on this path, strengthening our members' commitment to increasing inclusion. Additionally, EBAN will inspire our community to increase gender diversity in the boards of directors and strategic committees of their portfolio companies.

With this manifesto, EBAN is leading the way in creating a European investment ecosystem that incorporates the gender aspect in the startup phase, making it stronger, healthier, more prosperous, fairer, and more sustainable.

We invite organizations within our network and others to contribute to this important endeavor. 

Sign this manifesto to show your support and commitment to making significant changes within your own organization and community for the benefit of us all.


Manifesto For a Gender Balanced Angel Investing Ecosystem by EBAN – EBAN

Currently, there is only research on men's and women's participation in angel investments. But we recognize that gender equality goes beyond the binary, and we would like to help promote and participate in research on N/B representation in angel investments in the future.

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Manifesto For a Gender Balanced Angel Investing Ecosystem by EBAN – EBAN

Female entrepreneurs: a startup where a woman leads as founder & CEO. The rest of the founding team can be mixed or of the same gender.

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