Policy for abusive and inappropriate behaviour in DanBAN

At DanBAN, we want a culture characterised by orderliness, mutual respect and good manners. 

We respect each other and we share knowledge and draw on each other's competencies in our collaboration across investors, partners, secretariat staff and trainees, entrepreneurs and others seeking capital. It happens across age groups, gender and more.

That is why we at DanBAN also strongly dissociate ourselves from abusive or inappropriate behaviour and tone of voice.

What is abusive behaviour?
Offensive behaviour is when a person is exposed to actions or words that he or she perceives as inappropriate, hurtful, borderline or degrading. It does not matter whether it is one or more persons participating in the abusive behaviour. We encourage you to intervene and / or help the violated party if you witness or become aware of violations.

As an example, we consider condescending and discriminatory behavior, unpleasant tone and language, sexual harassment and bullying as inappropriate behavior in DanBAN. This also applies to acts that are offensive and inappropriate when the person against whom they are directed feels that his or her personal boundaries have been violated.

Sexual harassment is in violation of the Equal Treatment Act, and bullying and harassment regarding, gender, age, skin color, ethnic origin, sexuality, etc., is discrimination and is in violation of the Discrimination Act. Particularly serious cases may be in violation of the Penal Code.

Teasing that is perceived by both parties as harmless is not to be characterised as offensive.

Exposing others to inappropriate or abusive behaviour can have consequences for the relationship you have with DanBAN, whether you have a membership, a partnership, an employment relationship, or if you apply for capital with DanBAN. Exclusion is a possible consequence.

If you experience or have experienced abusive behaviour at DanBAN, you can contact a board of directors. The Board of Directors has a committee that will basically handle inquiries regarding violations, but one can approach any board member. You can contact us to discuss experiences in confidence.

Action plan
If we, the Board of Directors, become aware of abusive behaviour, we will initiate an impartial and valid investigation of the facts and the experience of the parties involved. The goal is that we work with the actual course of events, and not assessments or accusations. The survey will be discreet.

The Board's working group will seek to hear the victim's experience, any witnesses' and the offender’s experience. Depending on the case, a co-chair will be offered to the parties. Find contact information below.

In complicated or particularly serious cases, the working group of the Board of Directors may decide that the investigation must be carried out with external legal assistance.


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