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Bliv en del af et netværk med +350 medlemmere. Få adgang til det bedste dealflow, et stærkt investor netværk samt en række events og uddannelsesaktiviteter.

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Large dealflow

We receive approx. 600 startup applications via our platform Dealum. You will be continuously exposed to new investment opportunities both online via our platform and offline via our many physical events.


DanBAN er Danmarks mest aktive netværk for Business Angels. Med over 350 medlemmer og over 70 arrangementer om året, giver vi dig mulighed for, at skabe nye bekendtskaber og et professionelt netværk.


DanBAN offers all members a number of different business angel educations in the form of "Angel Program by Danish Business Angels", "DanBAN Academy", and "DanBAN Board education".

Unique benefits

You can invest in our DanBAN co-investment fund and through our partners you get access to a file of documents as well as a free subscription with Bootstrapping and Active Owners.

Upcoming events and educations

Our educations for Business Angels

  • Angel Program by DanBAN

    Six modules that dress you for life as a Business Angel.

  • DanBAN Academy

    Become smarter on everything, from partners and IP Due Diligence to ownership agreements and exit strategies.

  • DanBAN board training

    In collaboration with CBS: we work with tasks, issues and dilemmas in startup and scaleup companies.

  • EBAN

    Through our sister organisation, you get access to investment guides, Eban TV, documents and publications.

Member stories

Bo Wase
Bo Wase
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"Investing in startups is about deal sourcing, training and networking. I am a member because via DanBAN I am presented with a wide range of selected startups. Investment requires knowledge of the legal framework and the ecosystem — topics that are also facilitated through events in DanBAN. Finally, my personal approach is that investing is most meaningful when partnering with other business angels.
Maria Sundlöf
Maria Sundlöf
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"I am a member of DanBAN to find investments in new innovative companies and contribute my skills to help them further in the pursuit of growth. In the network, I have got to know many other Business Angels who share my interest, and who I can invest with. The network has given me the opportunity to participate in many different events and training sessions that have only strengthened my skills as a business angel. "
Poul Carstensen
Poul Carstensen
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"I joined DanBAN to be presented with new innovative startups where you have the opportunity to invest at an early stage and the opportunity to be able to help the company in question at both an interesting and critical phase. In addition, DanBAN is an absolutely fantastic network where I have met many people that I would not otherwise have met. It is a network that provides incredible insight into the investor environment and great input in the form of learning and sparring from other members. "
Charlotte Aaby Smith
Charlotte Aaby Smith
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"I became a DanBAN member in 2013, and from day one I have experienced an incredibly open and welcoming network. Whether you ask for help or good advice, the spirit is that everyone helps everyone. I have been a member of many different professional networks, but DanBAN is completely unique. It gives me a lot of competence and better security in my investments — and by the way, really good friendships. "
Laila Annabel Johansen
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"DanBAN gives me a fantastic network of skilled, committed and accommodating angel investors. The network gives me access to a dealflow that I otherwise would not have had. I prefer to invest via syndications. That way, I learn from the more experienced angels, and as a group, we cover many more competencies that enable us to better help the company and protect our investment. "
Jeppe Vestergaard Frandsen
Jeppe Vestergaard Frandsen
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"DANBAN is far more than an 'enabler' for profitable investments in startups and an important catalyst for young companies' growth journey. For me, DANBAN is a network of talented people who help each other, challenge each other, create opportunities for each other, collaborate and form friendships. And most of all, DANBAN is a source of constant learning, inspiration and insight into the latest market trends, technologies and industries. DANBAN keeps you on fire! "

Do you have any questions?

Find svar på de oftest stillede spørgsmål nedenfor.

DanBAN-investorerne investerer typisk på et tidligt stadie i skalerbare startups med et godt team og stort potentiale. DanBAN har over 350 investorer, alle med forskellige investeringspræferencer. Vi anbefaler, at startups som minimum har en fungerende MVP, før det giver mening at ansøge.

Investors typically make investments after the founders, friends and family have financed the start-up themselves, and before or at the same time as the first venture capital round.

If you want to become a member of DanBAN, you must be able to meet one of these requirements: 

  1. You have an investment framework of at least DKK 3 million which you intend to invest in startups; DanBAN is an association of active Business Angels and therefore one of your intentions with a membership should be that you want to build a portfolio of startup investments over time. You must therefore be able to document that you have at least DKK 3 million in investable equity in a 100% owned company (holding company), or in the form of private funds. If the documentation is not available in the CVR, we will ask for a statement from your bank or auditor confirming that the equity is present. Equity can be, for example, in the form of shares in listed companies or currency. If you are already an investor in one or more startups, these investments naturally also count in your investment framework of DKK 3 million.

  2. DanBAN member survey: as a DanBAN member, you are obliged to participate in the annual analysis of investments made by DanBAN members. All data provided is treated in the strictest confidence. We work with a 100% response rate so that we can form a realistic picture of the investment activity within the network.

  3. Compliance with ethical guidelines: we safeguard DanBAN's reputation, and have therefore adopted a set of ethical guidelines that follow EBAN, the European Network Organization's recommendations. All applicants must confirm that they will comply with the guidelines. Read the ethical guidelines here.

How much is invested is both a question of the individual business angel's risk appetite and of the capital needs of the respective company. However, most investments are around 100,000 - 250,000 DKK per angel, and a typical investment syndicate consists of an average of 6–10 business angels.

Most investments made via DanBAN's members are syndicated, which means that the interested investors typically set up a joint investment company (usually an ApS) in which the investors invest their capital. After this, it is the investment company that invests directly into the respective startup.

The investment company is typically subscribed for by 1–2 of the participating DanBAN investors. These are called active investors and are also the ones who represent the investors to the entrepreneurs from the start-up.

The other investors are most often passive investors; being passive has several advantages, including the fact that investors can better spread their risk on several exciting cases without having to spend the same amount of time on all of them. Likewise, entrepreneurs do not have to have an ongoing dialogue with all their investors, as it is the active investors who are responsible for keeping the passive investors informed about the company's operations and development.

We do not recommend specific types of investments, and we do not run a fund for DanBAN investors. Members of DanBAN make their own investment decisions and invest their own individual capital directly in startups. It is also up to the companies and investors themselves to structure any advisory cooperation or board relationship that they may find appropriate.

15.15: Check-in
15.30: Host post & welcome (location changes from time to time).
15.50: 3 pitches + Q&A
16.30: Break and network
17.00: 3 pitches + Q&A
17.30: Light refreshments, wine and network.

Note: all other startups that need to pitch are also present during your presentation.

The DanBAN network consists of more than 350 private investors. A significant portion of the network's members have either run businesses, sold a company, or held leadership positions in larger companies. DanBAN members are active investors and frequently engage at the board level.

As a member of DanBAN, you get the opportunity to participate in a wide range of training opportunities, pitch events, study trips and member meetings, which aim to strengthen your knowledge and skills within investments in startups.

For example, you can participate in our semi-annual training program, the Nordic Angel Program, which takes place in collaboration with other business angel networks in the Nordic region. Here, 20+ business angels participate in everything from building an investment portfolio, screening startups, exercising due diligence and composing the final deal all within a 3-month period. In addition to the training, you also get the opportunity to screen a large number of startups, together with your angel colleagues, in order to find one or more startup (s) that you can invest in.

You also have the opportunity to be matched with one of the more experienced angels in Danish Business Angels, who can act as a mentor for you. And last but not least, you can also choose to just sniff at what it means to invest in a startup by jumping on a current investment as a passive investor.

Through our online dealflow platform, Dealum and our monthly pitch events, you also get exclusive access to meet some of the most exciting capital-seeking companies from the Nordic startup ecosystem. In addition, you will also meet many like-minded business angels with whom you can share experiences and spar with.

When you meet an exciting company that you are considering investing in, at either one of our pitch events or via our online platform, please indicate your interest on our online platform. After this, our secretary will gather all interested angels and arrange the initial due diligence meeting between angels and the company. From there, it's up to angels and entrepreneurs how the investment is realised.

No. DanBAN is a non-profit organisation and we do not charge percentages, administration fees or referral fees. DanBAN is financed by an annual membership fee from our members and partners.

As a DanBAN member, you pay an annual membership fee of 11,000 DKK excluding VAT. The membership provides full access to all network benefits, such as pitch events, deal flow of over 500 cases annually, DanBAN Academy, with the opportunity to participate in the Angel Program, DanBAN Board Education at a lower cost and much more.

Short answer: Yes!

DanBAN has experienced exponential growth in the last few years and many of our new members, who, for example, have recently sold their first company as entrepreneurs, have not yet made an investment. DanBAN is, thus, both an association for both brand new and highly experienced business angels.

The community of values ​​in DanBAN consists of striving to further develop as a business angel, expand its network, increase its opportunities to meet the best startups as well as to invest in and contribute to strengthening the Danish startup ecosystem. If you can nod in recognition of this, DanBAN is without a doubt something for you.

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