Ethical Guidelines

At DanBAN, we focus on ethics and ensure things are done in a proper way. Therefore, we have developed 21 points in the form of our ethical guidelines, which we believe are important to live up to.


The members will conduct their activity in a responsible manner. As part of this, the members will always act openly and honestly including in relation to capital seeking companies and other investors.


Each member will comply with the legislation and other regulations, including other ethical guidelines, to which the member is subject.


Et Medlems investeringsparate kapital må ikke stamme fra tvivlsomme eller ulovlige aktiviteter.


The members will work to ensure that the companies in which they have invested comply with the principles of the Guidelines.


The members who invest together with others through joint holding companies will ensure that they are familiar with the other ultimate investors, just as they will relate to whether they are conducting activity in a fair manner.


The members will work to ensure that directors, board members, employees, advisers in their portfolio companies are familiar with the Guidelines.


Members will refrain from contributing to other members violating the Guidelines.


If a member makes a mistake, the member must seek to resolve the mistake and strive for the mistake not to be repeated.


Before entering into agreements, the members must provide relevant information to other members, the potential portfolio companies, others, if any investors.


Members will only make promises, including non-legally binding promises, which members are reasonably expected to be able to keep, just as members will keep promises already made.


The members will strive for agreements reached that clearly regulate the legal position of the parties.


Each member will provide potential Contracting Parties, including (co) investors, buyers, sellers, borrowers, portfolio companies and lenders; all with a realistic picture of the member's financial and competence capabilities so that negotiations are not initiated and conducted on the basis of incorrect assumptions.


The members will assess their impartiality in all matters, including in relation to capital-seeking companies. If there is a conflict of interest or possible conflict of interest, the members will efficiently and conveniently inform those concerned using their own initiative, and otherwise handle the conflict of interest or the possible conflict of interest in an appropriate manner.


The members will maintain secrecy and refrain from misusing confidential information that they become aware of as an investor, lender and possibly as an advisor to a capital-seeking company, including in connection with negotiations on a possible conclusion of an agreement, even if no express confidentiality agreement has been entered into. Members will only share confidential information with third parties by prior arrangement.


Members will take appropriate measures to ensure that confidential information is kept confidential.


When a capital-seeking company shares information with DanBAN, the company also agrees that DanBAN, as part of its usual operations, can share the information with members and DanBAN's partners as well as with third parties, such as those whom are invited to participate in DanBAN's meetings and events.


The members will carry out their activities in a professional manner and avoid taking actions that are illegal, inappropriate or harmful to DanBAN's reputation or the reputation of the industry interests that DanBAN represents. In connection with the performance of their activities, the members must also show decency and behave respectfully towards each other, the capital-seeking companies, other investors, employees at DanBAN's secretariat and others.


The Members will not directly or indirectly make defamatory statements about or dishonest criticism of other members or DanBAN.


At DanBAN's request, members will pass on general information about investments, exits, capital raised etc. to DanBAN on an annual basis, at least, so that DanBAN can prepare information material, including statistical material, for members and for the use in DanBAN's work as an opinion maker and influencer of public opinion. DanBAN treats the information received confidentially, and information received by members is published only in summary and anonymous form.


DanBAN does not make specific recommendations on potential investments. The members will perform their own due diligence and on that basis make their own commercial decision on whether or not to make an investment.


DanBAN is not a business association. DanBAN neither receives fees from nor submits fees to third parties in relation to the specific investments made by members, unless DanBAN has clearly stated this. Information on this can be obtained by contacting DanBAN's secretariat.