Strengthen your angel investment with matching capital from the DanBAN Co-Investment Fund

The fund has 38 investors, all of whom are members of DanBAN. Most are experienced business leaders or previously successful founders, with a large personal network and competencies, in many different industries.

The Fund's criteria for selecting investments


The fund invests in startups and scaleups in pre-seed and seed with a valuation of up to DKK 40 million.


There must be a lead angel or VC investor.


The lead investor or founder must make a 10x return probable.


As a starting point, the company must have an MVP + probable product / market fit.


The company must either have revenue or make it probable that revenue will come within 12 months.


As a starting point, at least 2 active founders, together with key employees, must own at least 50% after the investment round.


The company must be based in New Nordics (Scandinavia + Finland and the Baltics).

Data room

Data room and due diligence must be available to the fund's board.

About the Fund

Purpose and investments:

The purpose of the Fund is to co-invest in startups and scaleups in the pre-seed and seed segment for companies with a valuation, which in connection with the Fund's Initial Investments amounts to up to DKK 40 million, and in connection with this, possibly provide loans (bridge loans and subordinated loans, including convertible loans).

The Fund makes its investments in accordance with an investment policy and strategy adopted by the investors, which i.a. implies that the Fund only invests together with one or more lead investors

Only members of Danish Business Angels (DanBAN) or companies controlled by a member of DanBAN may be investors in the Fund.

Our investors from Zealand, Funen and Jutland would like to offer their help for relevant sparring on topics such as internationalisation, stock exchange listing, business systems, financial management, B2B / B2C SaaS, retail, M&A, exits, fundraising and financing. 

Board of the Foundation:
The Foundation's Board consists of Søren Jørgensen (Chairman), Herbert Nathan, Thomas Black-Petersen and Lars Neupart. Jakob Sode is associated as a consultant. 

DanBAN Co-investment Fund IK / S (CVR no. 41842474) is a self-managed alternative investment fund registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FT no. 25049) in accordance with section 9 (1). 1, cf. § 4, para. 1 of the Act on Managers of Alternative Investment Funds, etc. (the “AIFM Act”).

This is how we invest

The fund can invest as equity, SAFE notes and convertible loans. The fund can either invest directly or indirectly with the other investors via a separate syndication company.

The fund matches up to 100% of the investment made by the other investors. It is the board of the fund that assesses specific investment opportunities and approves investments. Our ticket size is typically between DKK 0.5 and 1.5 million.

We invest on the same terms as the other investors, but do not take an active or lead role and we do not want board positions afterwards. The fund does not come with strange terms in small letters such as requirements for veto, minimum return, exit or performance bonus etc.. We can both invest in a first time investment or participate in a follow-up investment round collectively with the existing investors.

Benefits for you as a lead investor

Sparring: the fund's board can, if desired, support lead investors with sparring and advice, participation in meetings and any assistance with due diligence. Both in the investment phase itself and subsequently.

Max. 7 in syndicate: it can make it easier to keep syndicates at a max. 7 investors, as the fund can match investments with a direct investment, so there is enough capital to complete an investment.

Lead investors: must either be a member of DanBAN or otherwise have relevant lead investor experience. The other investors in a syndicate do not have to be a member of DanBAN.

Benefits for you as a founder

Passive or active: the fund can be a completely passive investor who simply invests in coins, but the fund can also provide relevant networks, experience and competencies via the board of directors and our 38 investors. We can provide a list of investors with industry experience, competencies and contact information.

More capital: maybe the fund can help ensure that you as a founder get all the investment you want to be able to realise your growth plan. We typically like to follow later investment rounds and we have set aside capital to make follow-up investments.

Better cap table: as a founder, it is attractive to have a fund in the cap table for later investment rounds; we, as a VC fund, decide to invest other people's money and therefore the fund can help to give a stamp of approval that you have been able to attract venture capital.


The fund complements

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Fund administrator

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