Why join the Angel Programme?

Getting started with angel investing is not a simple manoeuvre. It takes time and practice, as with everything else in life. The Angel Programme offers six modules of angel training, created together with some of the best experts and business angels within the field of investing. 

Investing in startups is a uniquely high-risk, high-return challenge, but investors can boost their chances by getting started on the right foot. The Angel Programme will teach you about yourself as an investor, your risk profile, how to get deal flow; how to spot a good deal, a great team and red flags. Basically, everything you need to know to get started, and much more.

Angel Program - Modules

Module 1: Thursday the 19th of September 2024 from 09.30 untill 16.30 in Copenhagen
Tema: Introduktion til Angel Investing & strategi

Module 2: Wednesday the 2nd of October 2024 from 09.30 untill 16.30 in Kongens Lyngby 
Tema: Human & IP Due Diligence - how to spot the winning team 

Module 3: Wednesday the 23rd of October 2024 from 09.30 untill 16.30 in Copenhagen
Tema: Startup Due Diligence, Valuation & Lingo.

Module 4: Thursday the 24th. of October 2024 from 09.30 untill 16.30 in Hellerup.
Tema: Deals & becoming a Lead Angel

Module 5: Wednesday the 6th of November 2024 from 09.30 untill 16.30 in Copenhagen.
Tema: Angel Program pitch event.

Who can join Angel Program?

Are you an aspiring angel investor, looking to take your first angel steps into the world of startup investing? Or have you already started investing and looking for a place to expand your network, advance your skills and take your angel profession to the next level? Then this is the right place to be.

How can I join Angel Program?

To join the Angel Programme, you need to be a member of Danish Business Angels. See the criteria here and apply for a membership here. If you have any questions, please reach out to our program manager, Sisse Melsen at sisse@danban.org. 

Angel Program af Danish Business Angels - Efterår 2024

Date: 19. September, 2. Oktober, 23. Oktober, 24. Oktober
6. November 2024. 
Tme: 10.00-16.30
Price: 14.500 DKK excluding VAT for DanBAN members. 

18.000 DKK excluding. VAT for non-members.

Angel Program Trainers

Jesper Jarlbæk

Angel Investor & Chairman

Rasmus Stub

Advokat hos Lundgrens

Peter Frentz

Business Angel

Thomas Black-Petersen

Business Angel

Thorbjørn Saltorp

Talents Unlimited

Jesper Højberg

Angel investor and serial entrepreneur

Anders Kjær Dybdahl

Director at Poul Schmith Law Firm

Ulrik Laustsen

Partner Deloitte, Legal

Mads Fauerskov

Partner Deloitte

This is why you should join Angel Program..

Sune Alstrup
Sune Alstrup
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"If you want to become a better investor and connect with fellow investors, Angel Program is a very good place to start. We know that the best investors with the biggest network will also get the best dealflow, which should be strong reasons for all new angel investors to join the program"
Claus Hansen
Claus Hansen
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”Even though I consider myself an experienced business angel I am always open for new learnings and approaches to investing. That was my background for participating and I was not disappointed since the program offers a broad spectrum of insights and learnings from other interesting early stage investors”
Jørgen Okholm
Jørgen Okholm
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"Joining the DANBAN community, it was quite natural for me to take part in the Angel program. I must say, it has been a huge pleasure, as well as a great learning experience in terms of deeper due diligence and knowing myself better, as an investor. Meeting fellow investors, working with real life cases, being taught by highly skilled teachers from the start-up and investment environment really was a joy."
Iris Jakobsen
Iris Jakobsen
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"As a new member of DanBan the Angel Program is the perfect way to build a network within DanBAN. You get to know people much faster because you work together on the specific cases."
Steen Henriksen
Steen Henriksen
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"I joined the Angel Program to get a better feeling for the basics in this field. Having run your own company for 20 years does not necessarily make you a great Business Angel. The program, however, gave me the necessary insights into the key differences between my old world and that of being an Angel investor."

Angel Program - Previous Investments

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