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You can read more about how Deloitte Fast Growing Companies are structured, as a dedicated team, and how they work with Fast Growing Companies and with their partners through the QR code.

Who is Deloitte Fast Growing Companies?

The Deloitte Fast Growing Companies is a dedicated team of experts with extended industry knowledge to help start-up and scale-up companies succeed globally. A provider who offers you a team with deep experience in servicing, e.g., tech companies, and with experience in servicing growth companies. The team also has deep experience in companies with significant international activities.

The team will invest in continuous knowledge building and knowledge sharing – both in terms of industry knowledge, trends and other areas relevant to you. Thus, Deloitte has the breadth and depth of skills and capabilities the clients will be able to benefit from. 

The team is local and available with a solution-oriented and pragmatic approach to audit and advisory and will make a targeted effort to earn the position of being your Trusted Adviser.

Hi, we are Jonas and Benjamin...

We help the companies as a trusted adviser who understands the aspects of Fast Growing Companies and who delivers value-adding audit as well as holistic advisory services throughout your company’s journey.


Senior manager

Jonas is a state authorized public accountant and Senior Manager at Deloitte and part of our Fast Growing Companies Industry group. Jonas serves as an auditor for several scale-up and growth companies.

Jonas has been involved in several transactions and assists in funding rounds and capital increase. Jonas also serves as the companies’ one point of contact during the audit and as the companies trusted adviser.


Relationship Manager

Benjamin acts as Relationship Manager and strategic sparring partner for selected companies in the Fast Growing Industry and is a part of our Fast Growing Companies industry group.

Benjamin has worked successfully with consultancy for several years of in-depth experience in the field of care and advice for client relations, including in the choice of value-adding consultancy services in the field of Audit, Tax and Consulting. 

Who are we together?

Together, Benjamin and Jonas cover the ongoing need for sparring and knowledge sharing, as well as challenges in collaboration with the rest of Deloitte’s Fast growing Companies industry group.

In addition, Benjamin and Jonas are representatives of the industry group of Deloitte Fast Growing companies in the partnership with DanBAN.

The right team with the right experience

A tailored and integrated team of specialists

Our Clients will be a key business partner to Deloitte

We will provide value-adding advice as an integrated part of the audit

Criteria for application
om investering hos DanBAN

Startups fra alle brancher kan ansøge om investering. I skal som minimum opfylde følgende kriterier:

💡 A MVP in the market

Have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

🤸‍♂️ Validation/Traction

I skal bevise potentialet for forretningen. Det kan være med brugere, betalende kunder, pilotkunder, soft-funding mv.

🗣 You are able to pitch at our events

Our events is typically in Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense.

What we are looking for...

  • Team

    What does the team look like in relation to composition, diversity, competencies and past experience? For investors, the people behind the team are always the most important thing!

  • Traction

    What have you achieved in terms of revenue, soft funding or pilot customers? Can you validate that others (than yourself) are interested in the product?

  • Scalability

    How scalable is the product? Can it be easily sold to a larger number of customers, or does it require manual sales processes and handling?

  • Market

    What are the solutions on the market in advance, and how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Is it a red or blue ocean market?

  • Terms

    Do your expectations for investment size and valuation fit DanBAN? And have you thoroughly considered what the investment should be used for?

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Rådgivning til vækst

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Sparring og input

Vi opnår gode synergier ved at afholde fælles events.

Styrkelse af økosystemet

Vi opnår gode synergier ved at afholde fælles events.

Styrkelse af økosystemet

Vi opnår gode synergier ved at afholde fælles events.

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