We match startups with business angels

DanBAN is a non-profit network for business angels. In addition to a comprehensive training program, we hold pitch every month. Here, talented entrepreneurs can present their startup to our 300+ investors.

For startups

Søger du investorer til din startup? Indsend en ansøgning for at komme i kontakt med vores 350 business angels. Ca. 25% af de startups der pitcher til vores events lander en investering.

For investors

Vil du være medlem hos DanBAN? Med over 350 medlemmer og over 50 arrangementer om året, giver vi dig mulighed for at skabe nye bekendtskaber og et professionelt netværk.

For partners

Do you want to collaborate with DanBAN? We work with a number of key players in the ecosystem, from venture funds, banks and advisers to business promoters and incubators.

Former DanBAN Investments

Angel and startup stories

InvestorBo Wase
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"Investing in startups is about deal sourcing, training and networking. I am a member because via DanBAN I am presented with a wide range of selected startups. Investment requires knowledge of the legal framework and the ecosystem — topics that are also facilitated through events in DanBAN. Finally, my personal approach is that investing is most meaningful when partnering with other business angels.
InvestorCharlotte Aaby Smith
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"I became a DanBAN member in 2013, and from day one I have experienced an incredibly open and welcoming network. Whether you ask for help or good advice, the spirit is that everyone helps everyone. I have been a member of many different professional networks, but DanBAN is completely unique. It gives me a lot of competence and better security in my investments — and by the way, really good friendships. "
Startup: NABOFARMJens Juul Krogshede
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"In January, we set up at DanBAN and were introduced in DanBAN's newsletter. This resulted in us getting 21 interested investors within 24 hours. In February, we closed the investment round with two DanBAN syndicates, with 10 investors and 3 external investors."
Startup: Sheer
Startup: SheerMads Ulrik Svendsen
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"Even though it is a short time since we landed the investment of DKK 1.65 million, we can already feel that we have a group of enormously competent investors on board, which we can frequently use as sparring partners. It is a great pleasure."
InvestorMaria Sundlöf
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"I am a member of DanBAN to find investments in new innovative companies and contribute my skills to help them further in the pursuit of growth. In the network, I have got to know many other Business Angels who share my interest, and who I can invest with. The network has given me the opportunity to participate in many different events and training sessions that have only strengthened my skills as a business angel. "

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Danmarks Business Angel netværk

Danish Business Angels (DanBAN) is Denmark's business angel network of more than 300 private investors investing in startups nationally and internationally. At DanBAN, startups can seek capital among our members and take part in a network of partners, individuals and companies that are passionate about growth companies. 

Our members have expert industry knowledge; the investors who indicate interest in your startup will typically be experts in exactly your startup niche. Having extensive experience with scaling startups, DanBAN members use the winning combination of investment, experience and expert knowledge to lift your startup to exciting new heights. 

At Danish Business Angels, we welcome all startups who are looking to receive investment and expert knowledge from our business angels. DanBAN is 100% funded by our members and partners through an annual fee. It is free for startups to apply for the opportunity to pitch in front of our members at well-organised pitch events. No commission is charged once an investment in a startup has taken place.