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NAP by DanBAN is running it´s the third program alongside with FiBAN, EstBAN, and BANNorway. We are now at the final stage of the three-month training program and we are ready to announce the TOP 10 startups, who have applied for a syndicated investment of up to 350.000 EUR from the 25 NAP angels.

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is an international cross-border training and investing program for business angels which includes an introduction to Business Angel investing, how to build your portfolio, being founder friendly, due diligence, lead angel activities and much more.

This is the third NAP program running in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Norway. As part of the program and training, the Danish and international NAP angels finalize the three-month training program by creating a syndicate and invest in one or more startups who have applied for smart money to get their startup off the ground. The 25 angel investors will offer to help the startup to the next level with an investment of up to 350,000 EUR.
Last year we ran two programs and invested in two great companies. The first NAP group invested in Meploy and the second group invested in Obital.
We are excited to meet with the startups and to announce which startup the third NAP group decides to invest in. Meet the 25 NAP Angels here.

Here are the TOP 10 startups screened and chosen by the NAP by DanBAN angels


Using white biotechnology, Cellugy offers food producers a new natural polymer to replace plastic


is a tool to assist vessel operators in optimizing their bunker procurement costs

Sply Tech: 

is developing a SaaS to help pharma companies with clinical trial supply chain optimization.

Spit Lab:

is developing AI for infertility to help couples get pregnant faster

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems:

is developing a multi-materials 3D nano printer for rapid microchip prototyping

No No No:

Transparent complaint resolution platform that increases conversions and sales


is developing digital therapy for stroke recovery using clinically validated tools and artificial intelligence


offers an air pollution monitoring, data collection, and visualization system for (smart) cities


Intelligent Matching App for global tech talent and growing companies. Using pre-screening algorithms and crowdsourcing


is a management solution for large volunteer teams and communities

NAP facilitates cross-border angel syndicates and shares angel investments’ best practices. Led by experienced local angels, NAP offers a unique opportunity to invest as a group in promising growth companies linked by leading startup events in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Norway.

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