Waste to resources

The Nordic Leading Event for Circular Economy, Waste & Resources

Deadline: XX august
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Hvem er LOOP Waste to Resources?

LOOP Waste to Resources is the leading Nordic forum and event for B-to-B solutions within circular economy and waste & resources management.

The annual event is a cross-sector convention and exhibition with 100+ speakers, 3000 delegates and 100 exhibitors in Copenhagen.

With joint forces of key players LOOP Waste to Resources will connect corporates, authorities, experts, thought leaders, media, investors and startups across industries and markets to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

On ground exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge solutions and technologies to help other businesses in their sustainable transition.

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LOOP Waste to Resources covers urgent topics

From 5 stages keynotes and leading experts will inspire with deep insights, new knowledge and best practice cases on how circular economy is the solution to solve the climate crisis.

LOOP Waste to Resources will cover urgent topics such as:

  • Extended producer responsibility
  • Circular business models
  • Designing for circularity – the Danish way
  • How can circular solutions enable the global green transition
    Circular textiles
  • How to close the circularity gap
  • Financing the circular economy
  • And a lot more…

A transition towards circular economy and rethinking products, waste, material supply, value chains, design, production and business models are crucial for continued growth and ensuring access to valuable raw materials. A key element in this is to secure access to capital to be able to finance these new innovations and solutions

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