This is how your startup is considered, to receive funding through DanBAN.

The selection of investment-worthy startups, selection from a six-step process, which is illustrated below.

1. Application
To be considered for an investment, you must upload your case here via StartupIncluder. Here we ask for some informations about your company as well as a pitch deck.

2. Pre-screening
If your startup meets our criteria, our online platform will be made visible to our DanBAN members. From here our angel’s can contact you.

3. Screening Panel
Every 3-4 weeks a screening panel of 3-5 angels selects the startups they would like to see live at a pitch event – the selected startups will receive an invitation. Prior to the selection, a physical or online meeting is held with all applicants.

4. Pitch Event
Once a month we arrange 1-2 pitch events where 7-10 startups present their cases.

5. Due Diligence
If you receive interest from some of our members after the live pitch event, a due diligence process will begin, in which investors will ask further questions and gain a better understanding of your business. Most often, 1-2 angels of these angels will manage the process, even if several are interested.

6. Investment
If the due diligence process is positive, the investment is carried out.