About DanBAN

Danish Business Angels (DanBAN) is Denmark’s most active BA network consisting of 250 private investors investing in growth companies nationally and internationally.

DanBAN’s members invested just under DKK 172 million in 2018.

DanBAN holds a large number of meetings during the year, including membership meetings, study trips, theme meetings, business angel education, as well as monthly pitch events where selected capital seeking companies can apply to present their business case and increase the chance of a investment.

All DanBAN’s activities are to promote the organization’s four brand cases.
  1. We need to make a difference by creating future growth and future jobs.
  2. We need to focus on our young entrepreneurial talents.
  3. We must create the global growth companies of the future.
  4. We need to make investment in entrepreneurship a people thing.

Purpose of the association

The DanBAN association is a non-profit association with a non-profit purpose.

The purpose of the association is to facilitate investment companies in development, growth or in need of change and in need of capital and knowledge. The purpose is also to create a strong, personal and professional network between the members as well as to promote the professional competences of the members. The association must contribute to creating the best possible framework conditions for its members and their investments.

Why join DanBAN?

Meet two of DanBAN’s members. Watch the videos below.

What our members say

Investing in startups is about deal sourcing, education and networking. I am a member because through DanBAN I am presented to a wide range of selected startups. Investing requires knowledge of the legal framework and the ecosystem - issues that are also facilitated through events in DanBAN. Finally, my personal approach is that investing is most meaningful in partnering with other business angels.

Business AngelBo Wase

I joined DanBAN to be presented to new, innovative start-ups, where you have the opportunity to invest at an early stage, and the opportunity to help the company in an interesting and critical phase, together with others investors. In addition, DanBAN is an absolutely fantastic network where I have met many people that I would not otherwise have met. It is a network that provides incredible insight into the investor environment and great input in the form of learning and sparring from other members.

Poul CarstensenBusiness Angel

DanBAN provides me with a fantastic network of talented, committed and accommodating angel investors. The network gives me access to a dealflow that I otherwise would not have received. I prefer investing through syndications. In this way, I learn from the more experienced angels, and partly as a group we cover many more competencies that enable us to better help the company and protect our investment.

Laila Annabel JohansenBusiness Angel

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