Requirements for applicants

DanBAN’s members are all active Business Angels, with a minimum investment limit of DKK 3 million. This means that the applicant undertakes that he / she has, or will invest, a similar amount and, over time, establishes a portfolio of investments which together represent an investment of that magnitude.

As a DanBAN member, you are required to participate in the annual analysis of investments made by DanBAN members. All data submitted is strictly confidential. As a DanBAN member you pay an annual fee of DKK 10,000 excl. VAT, to access the network benefits.

We guard the reputation of DanBAN and have therefore adopted a set of ethical guidelines that follow the recommendations of EBAN, the European Network Organization. All applicants must confirm that they will comply with the guidelines.

Benefits as a member

At DanBAN you get access to attractive deals, a nationwide network of business angels, and a host of investment-relevant events. The purpose of the network is to create value in companies by offering intelligent sparring and capital raising.

You will constantly be exposed to new investment opportunities both online through the global Business Angel system StartupIncluder and offline through our monthly pitch events.

DanBAN is a strong, social and professional network among Business Angels, where we can exchange experiences and help each other. DanBAN members are automatically also members of DVCA and NordicBAN (included in the membership quota).

What the members say

Investing in startups is all about deal sourcing, education and networking. I am a member because through DanBAN I am presented to a wide range of selected startups. Investing requires knowledge of the legal framework and the ecosystem - issues that are also facilitated through events in DanBAN. Finally, my personal approach is that investing is most meaningful in partnering with other business angels.

Business AngelBo Wase

I joined DanBAN to be presented with the new, innovative start-ups, where you have the opportunity to invest at an early stage, and the opportunity to help the company in an interesting and critical phase, together with others investors. In addition, DanBAN is an absolutely fantastic network where I have met many people that I would not otherwise have met. It is a network that provides incredible insight into the investor environment and great input in the form of learning and sparring from other members.

Poul CarstensenBusiness Angel

DanBAN provides me with a fantastic network of talented, committed and accommodating angel investors. The network gives me access to a dealflow that I otherwise would not have received. I prefer investing through syndications. In this way, I learn from the more experienced angels, and partly as a group we cover many more competencies that enable us to better help the company and protect our investment.

Laila Annabel JohansenBusiness Angel

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