Generel questions

How do I get the opportunity to pitch in front of DanBAN investors?

Start by filling out your company profile here.

Read more about our selection process here.

Should i apply via StartupIncluder?

Yes, we only screen applications that have applied through StartupIncluder

What stage do we need to be in to seek funding?

DanBAN investors typically invest at an early stage in scalable startups with a good team with great potential. DanBAN has over 190 investors, all with different investment preferences.

We recommend that at least startups have a working MVP before it makes sense to apply.

Do DanBAN investors focus on a particular sector?

No, DanBAN has no specific focus areas. All startups with great growth potential, innovative and scalable ideas can apply. See what sectors DanBAN investors invested in in 2018 here.

Can I get contact information on specific investors?

We do not disclose contact information on our investor members. If you apply via StartupIncluder, investors have the opportunity to contact you if they are interested. If you are selected to pitch to our monthly pitch event, you will get in touch with the investors in attendance.

Feel free to visit the investors on their LinkedIn profile. You can find all the members here.

How to select startups for pitch events?

Do you sign NDA’s?

DanBAN does not sign NDAs. Therefore, it is important that you do not share deeply confidential information when uploading your material via. our platform StartupInclude. It could, for example. be technical details about your technology that is considered to be patentable.

If your startup is selected to pitch to one of our pitch events, you will be encouraged to send an updated pitch deck directly to one of our Investor Relations Managers via. email. This material will only be displayed on a screen for the pitch event itself and thus not shared electronically with the participants without your prior consent.

Does DanBAN earn money on my investment?

No. DanBAN is a non-profit organization and we do not take any shares, administration fees or referral fees. DanBAN is funded by an annual membership fee from our members and partners.

How often do DanBAN pitch events take place?

On average, we hold one pitch event per month distributed between Aarhus and Copenhagen.

How does the investment process go from application to investment?

You can see the whole process from application to a possible investment here.

Once you have been selected for the DanBAN pitch event

Should I pitch in Danish or English?

We recommend pitching in English if you are comfortable with the language. If not, it is perfectly acceptable to pitch in Danish. We recommend English as it is good training in relation to the entrepreneurial journey you are going on. In addition, we often invite foreign business angels to our pitch events.

Can I use my own computer?

No. To make sure we avoid technical problems, we run everything from the same computer we bring.

How does a normal program look like at a DanBAN pitch event?


  • 3.15pm: Check-in
  • 3.30pm: Host speech & welcome (location changes from time to time).
  • 3.50pm: 5 pitches + Q&A
  • 4.30pm: Break and network
  • 5pm: 5 pitches + Q&A
  • 5.30pm: Light food, wine and network
  • Note: all other startups to pitch are also present during your presentation.

How many people attend a DanBAN pitch event?

It’s about. 35-60 investors attended DanBAN pitch events + the 10 startups to pitch on the day. The DanBAN pitch event is only for members, selected startups and few invited guests.

After the DanBAN pitch event

How to make investments in DanBAN?

DanBAN organizes pitch events and mediates contact between startups and investors who are interested in a further dialogue with the respective startup. In addition, the secretariat in DanBAN is happy to help find premises for the meeting between startups and investors. When the contact is established, DanBAN only contributes if the startup or investors find it necessary.

We do not recommend specific types of investments and we do not run a fund for DanBAN investors. DanBAN members make their own investment decisions and invest their own individual capital directly in startups. It is also up to the companies and investors themselves to structure any advisory or board relationship they deem appropriate.

How is the due diligence done?

DanBAN members carry out the entire due diligence process on a voluntary basis. Occasionally with legal advice. A lead angel is usually selected, which handles due diligence and a possible board position in the company. He / she reports back to the group (in the case of syndication), so there is only one investor or two (if that makes sense) who are in continuous dialogue with the company.

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