How much does a membership cost?

As a DanBAN member you pay an annual fee of DKK 10,000 excl. VAT, to access the network benefits.

What do I get as a member?

Network, education, dealflow, statistics and research as well as lobbying.

Network: At DanBAN you get access to attractive deals. DanBAN is a nationwide network of 190+ business angels. The purpose of the network is to create value in companies, typically from the earlier stages after start-up, by offering intelligent sparring and capital transfer.

Education: DanBAN offers business angel education to its members in the form of DanBAN academy and Nordic Angel Program.

Dealflow: You will continuously get exposed to new investment opportunities both online through our StartupInclude platform and our monthly pitch events. We receive approx. 500 startup applications annually.

Statistics and research: Every year DanBAN prepares a member analysis with 100% response rate, to provide an overview of the members’ investment activity. See the latest member analysis here. DanBAN actively supports studies and research on investing in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region. Including the Growth Fund’s register-based BA analysis here.

Lobbying: Members of DanBAN are automatically also members of DVCA and NordicBAN (included in the membership quota). DVCA works for better policy framework for investors. We are also active in the fight for it to be significantly better to start up and run the risk in this country. In particular, the Presidency has regular posts in Finance, Berlingske Business and the Exchange. Just as we express our position in the media, which has 10,000 readers. Read more about the requirements and benefits as a DanBAN member here.

Who are the members of the network?

The DanBAN network consists of +190 private investors. A large part of the members of the network run a business themselves, sold a business or managed larger companies. DanBAN’s members are active investors and often involve themselves at the board level. Meet some of the members here.

What does it take to become a member?

DanBAN’s members are all active Business Angels, with a minimum investment limit of DKK 3 million. In practical terms, this means that as an applicant, you commit yourself to, or over time, establish a portfolio of investments that together reach that amount. We safeguard DanBAN’s reputation, and have therefore adopted a set of ethical guidelines that follow EBAN. , the recommendations of the European Network Organization. All applicants must confirm that they will comply with the guidelines. As a DanBAN member, you are required to participate in the annual analysis of investments made by DanBAN members. All data submitted is strictly confidential.

How do I get started investing?

As a member of DanBAN, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of educational opportunities, pitch events, study trips and member meetings aimed at strengthening your knowledge and skills in investing in startups. For example, you can participate in our biannual training program, Nordic Angel Program, which takes place in collaboration with other business angel networks in the Nordic region. Here are 20+ business angels who will receive training in 3 months from everything from building your investment portfolio, screening startups, due diligence and compiling the final deal.

In addition to the training, you also have the opportunity to screen a large number of startups yourself with your angel colleagues in order to find one or more startups that you can invest in. You also have the opportunity to be matched with one of the more experienced angels in Danish Business Angels, who can act as a mentor for you.

And last but not least, you can also choose follow the dealflow and invest directly in a startup by jumping on a current investment as a passive investor. Through our online dealflow platform, StartipIncluder and our monthly pitch events, you get even more exclusive access to meet some of the most exciting capital-seeking companies from the Nordic startup ecosystem.

In addition, you will also meet many like-minded business angels who you can share experiences with. When you meet an exciting company at one of our pitch events or via. our online platform that you are considering investing in, you must express your interest on our online platform (Startupincluder). After this, our secretariat will gather all interested angels and arrange the initial due diligence meeting between angels and the company. From there it is up to angels and entrepreneurs how the investment is implemented.

How much is invested per investor in DanBAN?

How much is invested is both a question of the risk appetite of the individual business angle and about the capital needs of the respective company. However, most investments are around DKK 100,000 – 250,000 per angel, and a typical investment syndicate consists of an average of 6-10 business angels.

How are investments typically made?

Most investments are made via. DanBAN’s members are syndicated. That is, the interested investors typically set up a joint investment company (most often an ApS) into which investors invest their capital. After that, the investment company invests directly in the respective startup.

The investment company is typically drawn by 1-2 of the participating companies. DanBAN investors. These are called active investors and are also the ones that represent the investors towards the entrepreneurs from the startup. The other investors are usually passive investors. This has several advantages, including that investors can better spread their risk on several exciting cases without having to spend as much time on all of them. Similarly, entrepreneurs do not need to have an ongoing dialogue with all their investors, as it is the active investors who are responsible for keeping the passive investors informed about the company’s operations and development.

Does DanBAN earn money on my investments?

No. DanBAN is a non-profit organization and we do not take any shares, administration fees or referral fees.DanBAN is funded by an annual membership fee from our members and partners.

I haven't invested in startups before, is the DanBAN network something to me?

DanBAN has been experiencing exponential growth over the past few years and many of our new members, who recently sold their first business as entrepreneurs, have not yet made an investment.

DanBAN is thus both an association for brand new as well as for the very experienced business angels. contribute to strengthening the Danish startup ecosystem. If you can recognize this, then DanBAN is definitely for you.

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