DanBANs code of conduct


DanBAN and its members shall always act openly and honestly. This is especially true when working with
companies seeking capital, other investors, business angels and other business angels networks.

DanBAN and its members will conduct their activities in a professional manner and will avoid being associated with inappropriate or illegal companies or partners that could jeopardize the reputation of the business angels network.

DanBAN will not approve new members of the association or tolerate continued membership if a person's investment-ready capital is suspected of being dubious or illegalaktiviteter.

DanBAN is not a trade association. DanBAN does not receive or pay any party third party in relation to the actual investments made by the members.

When a company seeks capital from one or more of DanBAN's members, the company must prepare a business plan including a summary in a format that can be distributed to DanBAN's members, partners or other potential investors.

The members of DanBAN will make efforts to ensure that the information they receive and that is "confidential" is treated confidentially. Members will ensure that confidential information is not shared with other parties without permission.

Activities within DanBAN are funded by the association's members and partners. The association does not charge fees from companies seeking capital from members of the association.

DanBAN must seek approval from the company before any other networks can be contacted.

DanBAN must inform both investors and companies that the association does not make specific recommendations regarding potential investments and must therefore recommend that the investors carry out their own dove