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Vi har nogle formelle krav for at blive medlem hos DanBAN. Eksempelvis skal du have 3 mio til rådighed at investerer for i unoterede aktier og du skal have en ren straffeattest.

Efter du har udfyldt skemaet vil DanBAN’s bestyrelse gennemgå din ansøgning.

Pris for medlemskab: 10.500 kr./årligt (ekskl. moms)

2. Medlem ansøgning
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LalaToysDinesan Rasiah
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"Our investors come with a set of competencies that really complement us well. Our goal is to go from our current ‘proof of concept’ phase with a few hundred members to a ‘proof of business’ phase which will ensure +1000 members. This is primarily what the investment goes on, which is a little over DKK 1 million. "
The Syrup Company
The Syrup CompanyRoberto Ferro
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"The whole process was both professional and well-planned. We were really grateful for the high quality of business angels that we were introduced to via DanBAN. During the pitch process, all the questions were both concrete and well-meaning, and the feedback useful. We are very satisfied with the process and the result."
FarmbrellaChristina Elgaard
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"It has been extremely instructive to gain access to the great competencies from DanBan. The close and intense collaboration around the investment round this autumn has helped to streamline the organisation for the further growth journey. We are convinced that Farmbrella's ambitious goals can be achieved, not least because we now have smart money from DanBan, and we are also very much looking forward to making use of the syndicate's competencies in the boardroom. "
OlioliNicolai Suwinai Nielsen
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"It has been super cool to get DanBAN investors on board. It has been a very easy and painless process."
SheerMads Ulrik Svendsen
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"Even though it is a short time since we landed the investment of DKK 1.65 million, we can already feel that we have a group of enormously competent investors on board, which we can frequently use as sparring partners. It is a great pleasure."
NABOFARMJens Juul Krogshede
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"In January, we set up at DanBAN and were introduced in DanBAN's newsletter. This resulted in us getting 21 interested investors within 24 hours. In February, we closed the investment round with two DanBAN syndicates, with 10 investors and 3 external investors."