Are you looking for funding?

Present your company at one of DanBAN’s monthly pitch events in Copenhagen, Odense or Aarhus. Basically, you must meet these criteria to be considered:

  • Must be capital seeking
  • Have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Business validation / traction. You must be able to prove the potential through paying customers, users or pilot customers

In addition, investors emphasis the importance to the factors below. Therefore, you should ask yourself these questions:

The team: As a starting point, we invest in people. The Founder and the team are crucial in any investment made by DanBAN members. Why is your team the right one to solve the problem / run the business? or, what people do you need on your team to succeed?

Level of innovation: How does your solution differentiate / what makes you unique?

Timing: Why now? (demand, trending, market, economy, politics)

Funding size: Historically, startups receive investments from DanBAN members in the range of DKK 500,000 – DKK 5 million. Our members often want to play an active role in the development of the company. Likewise, it is also desirable that the team behind the startup still holds most of the ownership of the company after the investment. More often than not, more money is needed when the company has developed and needs more muscle to scale further. Therefore, there must still be room for new investors in the ownership circle without diluting the team too much. Therefore, it is very important to have carefully considered how much capital you need in this round as well as how much ownership you will offer the new investors.

Geographical location: Our members primarily invest in startups based in the Nordics. As a rule of thumb, startups from other European countries will only be considered, if the startup already has a Danish business angel in the cap table.

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DanBAN investor pitch guide

The DanBAN pitch guide illustrates the main focus points that an investor pitch should cover. Download the guide to increase your performance when conveying your message and investment proposal to our members.

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