The most active business angel network in Denmark

Danish Business Angel is the most active BA network consisting of than 300 private investors investing in growth companies nationally and in the Nordic countries.

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What is DanBAN?

Danish Business Angels consists of 300 active investors as well as a partner group consisting of this country’s leading financial companies, accounting firms, law firms and innovation environments.

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Listen to the board member of Danish Business Angels, Thomas Black Petersen talk about his way from being an entrepreneur to become an investor, the investment opportunities in DanBAN and what it means to be a business angel.


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What our members say

In DanBAN, I get in touch with the skilled capital-seeking startups. A good deal flow is crucial for selecting the right startups to invest in. DanBAN offers the opportunity to invest with others, thus being passive on some investments and active on others. DanBAN consists of a lot of really talented people who all want to help others.

Rolf GardeBusiness Angel

I joined DanBAN in 2013, and from day one I have experienced an incredibly open and welcoming network. The spirit is that everyone helps everyone if they ask for help or good advice. I have been a member of many different professional networks, but DanBAN is quite unique and gives me a lot of competence and better security in my investments - and by the way really good friendships.

Charlotte Aaby SmithBusiness Angel

Investing in startups is about deal sourcing, education and networking. I am a member because through DanBAN I am presented to a wide range of selected startups. Investing requires knowledge of the legal framework and the ecosystem - issues that are also facilitated through events in DanBAN. Finally, my personal approach is that investing is most meaningful in partnering with other business angels.

Bo WaseBusiness Angel

For me, DANBAN is first and foremost a deal sourcing machine with a scale that I would not be able to operate myself. Next, the branding that the membership gives access to is very important as the best entrepreneurs out there can often choose their investors. Then you are not visible and have a good brand, then you do not get access to the best investments.

Gregers KronborgBusiness Angel

I joined DanBAN partly to seek alternative investments in addition to traditional equity and real estate investments. DanBAN presents the market's largest deal flow for startups, as well as a strong network for both professional development and social interaction, through the many pitches, presentations and get-togethers. DanBAN has fully lived up to my expectations as the market's best association for both experienced and new Business Angels.

Tommy BøgehøjBusiness Angel

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