NAP by DanBAN – here are the TOP 10 startups

NAP by DanBAN – here are the TOP 10 startups

NAP by DanBAN launched back in September at TechBBQ and since then, one hundred startup companies have applied for NAP by DanBAN. Now, the 25 NAP investors have chosen the TOP 10 candidates for the pitch and sparring session on Tuesday the 20th. 

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is an international cross-border training and investing program for business angels which includes an introduction to Business Angel investing, how to build your portfolio, being founder friendly, due diligence, lead angel activities and much more.

This is the second NAP program running in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Norway. As part of the program and training, the Danish and international NAP angels (with Sune Alstrup as the lead angel) creates a syndicate and invest in one or more startups who are looking for smart money to get their startup off the ground.  The 25 angel investors will offer to help the startup to the next level with an investment of up to 250,000 EUR.

Here are the TOP10 startups screened and chosen by the NAP angels.

Obital: Obital develops low cost software based eye-tracking technology with a vision of changing the way people interact. Read more here.

Limelight: Limelight is a music streaming app that matches listeners with music from upcoming artists via our proprietary algorithm. Read more here.

Ourhub: OurHub makes outdoor games accessible for rent 24/7 and connects players, thus tackling lack of physical activity. Read more here.

Data & More: In 2017 Data & More launched an Automated Data Compliance Toolbox to help companies become and stay compliant with GDPR. Read more here.

Clareply: Clareply is building a tool to ease the administrative burden for lawyers who need to comply with anti-money laundering. Read more here.

Digital AML: Digital AML is developing Denmarks first Anti Money Laundering software enabling companies to be 100% compliant. Read more here.

Plantjammer: We empower plantbased home cooking, by bringing machine learning to your kitchen. Our app is a chef in your pocket! Read more here.

Grid Optimizer: Grid Optimizer is developing an intelligent digitalization engine to help utilities optimize workflows and cut costs. Read more here.

MagCath: We have developed and patented a medical device, that instantly gives 80% of incontinent women complete bladder control. Read more here.

Klipworks: Klipworks has developed a unique camera app that assist companies with automated video productions – no human editing! Read more here.

NAP facilitates cross-border angel syndicates and shares angel investments’ best practices. Led by experienced local angels, NAP offers a unique opportunity to invest as a group in promising growth companies linked by leading startup events in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Norway.


Contact information:
Sisse Melsen
Head of Operations
+45 30225690

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